Careers at Bank Negara Malaysia


Career Opportunities at Bank Negara Malaysia

What we do shapes the lives of Malaysians every day, and for years to come. This is why here in Bank Negara Malaysia, we look for the best and brightest, invest in our people, and offer diverse paths for professional growth.

Join us at the nation’s central bank.


Why Join Us?

Shape the nation

We are Malaysia’s central bank and financial regulator with the mandate to foster a stable and enabling environment for the economy and financial sector. Your work here will help us serve Malaysians better.

Gain a unique perspective

Our work spans a wide range of areas, such as monetary policy, banking and insurance regulation, financial sector development, consumer protection and financial markets. This provides a breadth of exposure that few organisations can offer.

Develop your career

We have an established track record of investing in our people. We offer various development opportunities such as scholarships, professional certification support, capacity-building programmes for central banking skills, as well as secondments to global institutions and public sector agencies.

Join an inclusive environment

We want our organisation to reflect the society that we serve. We strive to create an open, inclusive and diverse environment, where different perspectives are welcomed and rewarded.

Enjoy comprehensive rewards

We take pride in recruiting and retaining top talents. We ensure that our remuneration package remains competitive, complemented with other financial and non-financial benefits as well as flexible working arrangements.

Careers-Who we are looking for

Who We Are Looking For

At Bank Negara Malaysia, we seek to attract and retain the best and the brightest with a deep commitment to nation building in Malaysia. We are open to recruiting across all disciplines, emphasising a consistent track record of excellence in academic and non-academic areas. Suitable candidates will demonstrate the following qualities:

Passion for nation building.

We exist to serve the public. We want people who are deeply motivated to pursue that mission, demonstrating qualities such as integrity, acting for the greater good, and a desire to make a difference.

Problem-solving skills.

We look for people who demonstrate intellectual rigour, with strong capabilities to work through highly complex problems, and generate practical solutions.

Strong team orientation.

We want people who respect diversity, collaborate effectively and manage conflict well. This reflects the multi-disciplinary nature of our work, and our wide range of stakeholders.


We want people who can thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic environment. We look for openness to learn, as well as the ability to remain effective across different environments.


Our People

Hear what our people say about working in the Bank. Click on their names to read more on their stories.

Joshua Chin

“From banking supervisors to data scientists, I got to work with many talented and passionate individuals just in my first few months in the Bank”

Ira Zalis Ismail

"A day in a life of a central banker is exciting, challenging but most importantly, rewarding. On a typical day, it can be about fostering innovation in financial services. On another, it is about weathering a crisis."

Sugheson Nagarajan

"Amidst a global pandemic and the worst economic crisis the world has ever seen since the Great Depression, I began my career as an economist in the central bank. The learning curve has been incredibly steep and in turn, both challenging and rewarding."

Katie Lee

"Through various projects, I've gained a vast range of experiences in policy development work – from conduct and culture of institutions, operational risk management, outsourcing practices to relief measures for the rakyat during the pandemic"

Kenneth Hiew

“At the Innovation Lab, I am responsible for fostering innovation both within the Bank and throughout the Malaysian financial sector by adopting disruptive technologies that transform the future of work.”

Nadiyah Nordin

“I will never forget the experience of developing a comprehensive Shariah ruling and clarity for Shariah-compliant e-money – the first of its kind globally”

Farhan Yosman

"Being in the digital finance team, my favorite part of the job is working closely with exciting start-ups and emerging business models"

Rebecca Ong

"Working in the legal advisory team of the Bank, the learning opportunities and exposure have been tremendous"

Ras Iman Raslan

"My role in the Bank is incredibly broad and varied – these include projects that help accelerate the use of digital innovation and creating seamless data analytics solution for the organisation"

More Opportunities - Careers

More Opportunities

Kijang Graduate Programme

The Kijang Graduate Programme provides a holistic exposure to the Bank's diverse roles in shaping the nation. You will be job-rotated across the Bank's sectors over 18 months, allowing you to discover the possible range of career paths with us.

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Our internship programme offers the opportunity to gain invaluable working experience and transferable skills within a range of specialized fields, whilst contributing to central banking work that directly impacts the nation's progress.

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Bank Negara Malaysia Scholarships

Our scholarship is intended to nurture young Malaysian talents by providing access to the best learning experience at top universities per the Bank's list of approved universities in selected fields.

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